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Inner City Inventors: History of Black Inventors Depicted Through Art. Black Pride


Black Innovators featured on Slideshow: Joe Edmonds, Garrett Morgan, Percy L. Julian, Elijah MC Coy, Granville T. Woods, Charles R. Drew, Jan E. Matzeliger, James Forten, Norbert Rillieux, Bemjamin Banneker, Madam C.J. Walker, and Lewis H. Latimer.. The new Elijah McCoy Patent Office located in my home town (Detroit) is the first-ever satellite location of a U. S. Patent and Trademark Office outside the nation's capital. View this history making event on youtube Got an Idea? President Obama asking Inventors, Manufacturers, Engineers, Scientists, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs for their help in creating jobs in American. The Government has $Billions$ available to assist those who are willing to use their ideas along with American labor to help create manufacturing jobs here in America. To learn more go to our youtube page at: The future of minorities in America and their influence aboard may well depend on how they see and use science and inventions as an integral part of their struggle, and how quickly they act to acquire the skills and aptitude needed to succeed. To learn more visit our online museum at: For a free over the phone consultation with Mr Edmonds call (909) 461-7330 or email him at: Joe Edmonds Sr. / Inventor /Manufacturer


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