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A fundamental part of raising awareness is providing statistical information that reflects the current state of the black culture in America. Additionally, in order to gauge our progess as a people we have to examine the statistical facts. All of the statistics presented here can be improved by build functional family units that begin with strong, mature, intellectual black men. As we begin to evolve our culture the statistics will validate our progress. View our searchable database of statistics.
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Black America: Inside the Numbers

Inside the numbers is a comprehensive breakdown of the statistical information about black people in America. We have complied this information to raise the awarness about where we stand as community. Before we can begin to grow as people we must first accept and embrace the truth about where we are as people. This section contains articles and statistics gathered from the Census report,,, EEOC, and a variety of other sources.


Statistically data about fatherlessness and its effects.
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Data about parenting, black marriage and family in America.
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Statistical data on education and blacks America.
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Financial Statistics about blacks in America.
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Behaviorial Statistics in black America.
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Health and substance abuse data on blacks America.
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